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Physical assets, such as artworks and collectibles, can be fractionalized and represented as NFTs on the ODOSX marketplace

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The information on this website is general in nature. ODOS is a financial institution, but the ODOS Defi Wallet is a separate, non-custodial wallet. We do not have the ability to access or control user funds, and users are responsible for keeping their credentials in a safe place. Deposits are not FDIC or FCS (AU) insured. Stablecoins are not legal tender and should be treated as any other cryptocurrency. All rates advertised are based on past performance and are not an indicator of future performance. Saving within protocols has an element of risk. Please consider the risks involved before using the ODOS Defi Wallet.

Trading and investing in cryptocurrencies, including through the ODOS Defi Wallet, carries inherent risks due to market volatility and the experimental nature of decentralized finance. Users should only invest what they can afford to lose and familiarize themselves with the specific protocols and platforms used within the ODOS Defi Wallet.

ODOS is dedicated to offering robust security features and ensuring that our platform remains up-to-date with industry best practices. However, we cannot guarantee complete protection from cyber threats or potential losses due to human error or technical issues. We strongly recommend users enable two-factor authentication (2FA), utilize secure passwords, and stay informed about potential risks and best practices in the digital asset space.

By using the ODOS Defi Wallet, users acknowledge and accept the risks involved and agree to take responsibility for their own financial decisions, as well as any potential consequences arising from the use of our platform.